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In just over a year, 17-year-old Madison has lost more than 24.5 kilograms, going from 112 kilograms down to 87.5 kilograms, thanks to some healthy adjustments in her eating and exercise habits.

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Malina, 10, has made a few small changes to her diet and exercise habits which have made for a big, positive transformation.

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In April 2016, Tevita weighed 178kg and was heading towards bariatric surgery if he couldn’t find a way to bring his weight down to a healthier range.

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Lewis, 10, is enjoying life to the fullest having embraced healthier eating and exercise habits which have seen him lose 6kg in seven months.

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Healthy habits at home


Making changes to your family routine is possible at any time. Small A few small healthy and sustainable practices could save a lot of effort and conflict in the long run.

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